Friday, September 11, 2009


Fresh snow caught us unprepared and we were "forced" to spend the entire day in the cabin. Luckily we had brought with us a kilo of apples, enough to make four portions of Applesauce.

This dish is so easily thrown together and is sure to please even the pickiest Kyrgyz cowboy. 

Start with peeling all the apples, and cutting them into pieces (any size will do, the smaller the pieces the quicker they'll cook). We added lemon juice of half a lemon to prevent browning and a tablespoon of lemon zest.

The cooking process is also very simple. Melt two tablespoons of butter and add the apple mixture and a third cup of sugar (you can adjust the sugar to your liking). Saute the ingrediants for ten minutes. Add water to cover the apples and let simmer, adding more water when needed to keep the apples covered. The apples will soften by themselves and you can help them by mashing them with a fork. After the apples reach applesauce consistency, add a spoonful of raisins, and let simmer for another five minutes.

We used the strong heat of the furnace to make our batch since it was all that was available in the cabin. When making applesauce on a stove top it might take longer.

All you need now is snow!

And a hungry Kyrgyz guide to enjoy it.

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