Friday, October 23, 2009

Chicken and Rice Two Ways

Chicken One:
A very tasty dish found in many street stalls around Bangkok is Khao Mun Kai, a Thai version of Chinese Chicken Rice. We had this one in Chinatown for 35 Baht (1 dollar). The chicken is boiled and served sliced over steamed rice (cooked in the chicken stock of said chicken). The secret to this dish is the special sauce, a mixture of soy sauce, soy bean paste, ginger root and chillies. Pour liberally.

The stall in Chinatown.

The Chicken. We were also served a small bowl of broth on the side.

Chicken Two:
Thais like to eat their Yums, spicy and tangy salads with chili as the most important ingredient. We tried a cold spicy chicken salad with red onions, mint, lime juice and of course chili. The mint was a nice addition to the usual Thai fare.

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