Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liu Zhai Shifu Restaurant, Beijing

Liu Zhai Shifu is a small courtyard venue tucked in a hutong. We loved its cosy atmosphere reminicent of old Beijijng with good lighting and friendly local diners. We ordered the roast duck, which takes an hour to make and nibbled some starters and beer while we waited.

The cold asparagus salad with sesame sauce and chili was refreshing and precise. The whole soaked walnuts complemented the sesame flavour and were a nice touch.

We also liked the cornflour "tortilla" covered with a thick layer of stir fried egg and finely chopped chives.

The roast duck was a good value, but a bit too fatty for our refined taste.

Liu Zhai Shifu. 8, Meishuguan Dongjia, Dongcheng District.

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