Monday, October 19, 2009

Noodles, Kashgar

Noodles are always made by hand. The Central Asian way (as opposed to Chinese pulled noodles etc.) is to flatten the dough into sheets and then to cut it into the desired width. These wheat noodles can be used for lachman.

On the other side of town (the Han part) Chowmein is served for lunch, freshly stir fried in a wok. One day, starving for something new we scurried to the Chinese Food Market and searched the many stalls for a cheap hearty meal. We found this noodle stall at the furthermost northeast corner and kept coming back for more.

The recipe is easy: oil, thinly sliced shitake, ground pork, white cabbage, beansprouts, green onions, egg (already scrambled and fried), sugar, soy and thin rice noodles, all added in this order. Stir fry in a wok and serve hot.

Locals eating noodles on the street.

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