Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Xian Street Snacks... Savory

Xian is snack heaven. The Muslim quarter is crammed with eateries and stalls selling different surprises in every corner. We gathered our strength and managed to try almost everything. Here are the two best dishes of our savory culinary adventure, sweets come next.

Cold noodles two ways:
The thick rice noodles with sesame paste, vinegar and chili (to the left) were creamy but a little too vinegary for our taste. The thin buckwheat noodles with vinegar, mustard, salt, garlic sauce and hot chili (to the right) were excellent and had the exact amount of spice.

Filled pancakes are made by sandwiching two round and thin sheets of dough filled with a choice of spread. Options include ground meat and bean sprouts or egg and scallions to name a few. The pancake is then fried on both sides, cut into four and eaten with chopsticks. Don't know why we were surprised to find it too oily...

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