Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Xian Street Snacks... Sweet

Eight treasures porridge is a colorful desert on the run. A dried coconut porridge steamed in a mini bamboo cylinder and topped with bits of candied fruit, sugar, raisins, nuts and sesame seeds.

It is then carefully wiggled out of the cup and served on a stick. Very pretty.

Honey Jelly Cake is a gelatinous confection made from a thick rice sheet filled with bean paste and layered with crushed peanuts. The pastry is then sliced into bite size pieces, scooped into a styrofoam container and ladled with plum syrup which adds the sweetness. Eat it with a toothpick straight away on a street corner.

Same desert, different form. This version of Honey Jelly Cake is made in a large round container, topped with plum syrup, sliced and then skewered for your enjoyment.

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